LugerForum Patronage

The Lugerforum is free - and will remain free to any collector and Luger enthusiast throughout the world. As well, the site has no commercial Sponsors, Dealers, nor Advertising Banners flashing about which might detract from its overall intent and purpose - which is a site for collectors run by collectors.  To that end - its entire operation and cost is wholly dependent on private funding and donations.

If you would like to donate and support this site and become a "LugerForum Patron" you may do so by using either PayPal (paypal address - or sending your donation to:

c/o John Dunkle
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Once received, you will have LugerForum Patron added to your Title and have access to several private "Patron Only" Forums - and more importantly, the thanks of collectors and enthusiasts from around the world….

With Best Regards and our thanks!

John Dunkle
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