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1914 DWM

1918 LP-08


1917 DWM

1920 DWM rework Police

Byf 42

1921 Alphabet DWM

G date S / 42


Suffixes are placed on a Luger AFTER it has reached the first 10,000 guns for that series and are primarily placed on military guns. There are commercial, contract serial numbers and even mixtures of military style and commercial style numbers that may have assorted markings and even suffixes. Numbering usually went from 1-9,999 then 1a to 9999a, then 1b to 9999b, etc., although there is conflicting discussions on whether the serial numbers went from 1 9999 or whether they were 1 10,000 . I have seen pictures of guns marked both ways, 9,999 and 10,000.



1916 DWM

Byf 42

1914 DWM

1918 DWM

1940 42